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Rolleiflex 6008i 1641, Photo F.W. Stutterheim
Photograph of a Rolleiflex 6008i with a Distagon 4/50 mm PQ HFT FLE.
Photo © 2021  F.W. Stutterheim


There were never many technicians who worked on System 6000 cameras in the first place. Lack of parts diminished the number even more. Just a few addresses remain. DW Photo is the Rolleiflex factory and Mr Paepke owns a long time service and repair shop for Rolleiflex cameras and lenses.

Focusing screens of the Rolleiflex SLX and 6000 cameras can be installed by the user. There is no need to send them in for replacement of the screen. Please see the ‘Finders and focusing screens’ page of this site for more information about screens and suppliers.



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