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Hasselblad Cf-39
Hasselblad CF-39 digital back

Digital backs

I am a film photographer and have never used a digital back. Therefore I cann’t be of much help. I do have some general information to get you on your way. A number of digital backs can be used with cameras of the Rolleiflex 6000 System. You have to look for used backs. You will also need the proper adaptor and in most cases the proper cable. Digital backs on the Rolleiflex 6000 AF will usually work without a cable.

Phase One

The Rolleiflex 6000 AF was sold with a Phase One P20 back as Rolleiflex 6000 AF db 20P. It has a square sensor.

Ixpress and Hasselblad digital backs

CF and CF-MS backs can successfully be mounted on 6000 series cameras with an adaptor plate. Rolleiflex US mentions CF-39, CF-39MS, CF-22, CF-22MS, CF-528 and also the older backs 96, 96c, 384, 384c, 132, 132c, and 528c and advises to stick to the C versions.

The owner of a Rolleiflex 6000 Professional and a Hasselblad CF-39 back kindly informed me of the procedure and the points to watch. Find more information in the CF-39 leaflet.

“I wish to report complete success with using a 6008 Pro and a Hassy CF39 (not CFV), but you need to know three things .....

1) The contacts on the back mount adapter and the camera body appear to do nothing, on a 6008 Pro. You must use the special Rollei twin-wire (red and green) connecting cable.

2) These early digital backs need to be ‘woken up’, before they can take a picture. On a 6008 Pro, the act of taking a camera exposure reading, before a shot, effectively communicates with the back and does this. No exposure data is transmitted, just the ‘wake up’ call.

3) As with interchangeable film backs, no ISO sensitivity data is transmitted by the back to the 6008 Pro. Therefore, the camera assumes 100 ISO. If the digital back is set to (say) 400 ISO, the camera’s exposure compensation dial needs to be set to -2 (etc). Actually, to preserve highlights, I go a little further.

And that’s it!”.

Only the Rolleiflex 6000 integral 2 and the 6000 AF work without the (red and green) twin-wire cable. Earlier digital backs work with a different (single) cable.


The Rolleiflex 6000 AF was sold with a Sinarback eMotion22. I suppose the backs can be used with earlier Rolleiflex 6000 cameras with the proper cable. Other suitable Sinar backs include the Sinarbacks eVolution75 H and eVolution86 H.